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You want to sell your house as quickly and smoothly as possible.

You want the future resident to live in the home with as much happiness as you did. And of course you also want a nice price for it. What is the right time to respond to a bid? And how does your house fit into the housing market? We are happy to sit around the table with you to make your home sales as pleasant as possible.

Introducing free of obligation

We can visit you without obligation to get to know you and your home. Why do you want to sell it? How long have you lived here and what is the best place in the house? Every home has its own story and we are very curious about yours! This helps to optimally market your house. We look at the market in your area and how many properties there are or are sold at what price. Our broker determines what the house really is worth, also to prevent that you will soon be sitting with a house that is too expensive. Together with our advice, we work out everything in a clear plan of action, based on your situation and wishes.

Assignment confirmation and strategy

After the introduction we start as soon as possible with the prepared plan. We collect all official information such as floor plans, maintenance contracts, user manuals, and information about the neighborhood. If you can not find all the documents, we will help you. We also come along for the pictures/recordings of the house.

Presentation of your home

Now is the time to offer your property to potential buyers. We may have a suitable buyer in our network! Make an unforgettable first impression and emphasize the strengths of your home. You want to give the new buyers the same feeling as you have always had at the house. A professional photographer captures your house in beautiful images. We use the photos for publicity on our website, our social media channels, and on Funda/Pararius. The option to make a video of your home is also there.


The next step is to view your home. Our brokers have the key and know every corner of your house. We accompany the viewing every working day from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm and on Saturday we are available. In consultation with you we choose the right day, because it also has to come true thinking about your work or arranging a babysitter. Or maybe you want multiple people to come at the same time? That is all possible, we think with you flexibly.

The sale

We will keep you informed of the bids. Are there multiple bids? Then we look closely at who is the best buyer for you. We always choose the option that fits best in terms of price and conditions. We offer the bidder with the best proposal for reviewing and signing the (provisional) purchase contract. We guide you through to the last signature. So do not hesitate to contact us for advice, inspection and transfer.

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