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You are planning to buy a house.

We of The Perfect House are happy to help you! Our purchase brokers, with years of experience, have a broad network and knowledge of the changing market. We listen to your wishes and with that in our mind we find your dream home!

Good preparation

A good and personal preparation ensures that we can fulfill your wishes. What does your dream home look like? What requirements does it have to meet? And where do you want to live? After having mapped this, we look together with our financial expert for what is feasible for you.

Looking for your home

After the preparatory conversation, we will search for the houses that you have indicated. Because of our wide network, we know which properties are for sale, so we are more aware of the current housing supply than sites such as Funda. Because the housing market in Amsterdam is going very fast, we act quickly.


If you have your eye on a property, we will gladly accompany you to the viewing. This way we can look at the architectural condition of the home. Of course we also take into account the financial and legal aspects. But we also look at how the market moves in the area and the fair market value. And what does the future bring? We find a reliable and correct assessment important and will give you a fair opinion.

Bidding and negotiating

If you have a good feeling at the home we can make a bid. You can count on us with the negotiations and advice to take the right steps. Because we are already aware of your financial situation, we can act quickly. This is important in this current and rapidly changing housing market.

The purchase and transfer

Good news! The bid is accepted! We therefore agreed with the selling party about the price and conditions. We will also be happy to assist you with our services. We can help you in the area of the purchase agreement, notary, home inspection, key transfer etc. We hope that you can enjoy your dream home as soon as possible!

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