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Long stay rental

The rental of your property is our passion. With our years of experience, we know exactly what it takes to select the suitable tenant at the optimum price. We advertise your property with photos taken by a professional, screen the candidates on the basis of the predetermined profile and ensure a watertight contract.

All at the best rate of 6% of the annual rent *

Free acquaintance

During a no-obligation appointment, we would like to meet you and the property to be rented. We will then inform you about the various possibilities and give an estimate of the potential rental price.

Creation of the advertisement

The online presentation of the house is the most important thing. That is why we always use professional photography and we distinguish ourselves with catchy texts.

Advertisement on various channels

The more places you place the house, the more chance you have to find the suitable tenant. The Perfect House places your home multiple platforms, including Pararius. We will also pay attention at divers social media channels.

The viewings

We will invite all those interested for a viewing. These visits can take place both within and outside office hours and are issued by one of our employees.

Screening and submitting candidates

Eventually we will screen all interested tenants on the basis of their IDs and incomes. When these meet the predetermined profile, we present these candidates to you. For every rental situation we have a fitting contract, which is legally correct.

The contract

For every rental situation we have a contract, which is legally waterproof.

Key transfer

Finally, we will welcome the new tenant in their new home. Hand over the key and we explain all details of the house.

* Tarifs

Our competitive commission rate is 6% of the annual rent. When a tenant has to be searched for a period of less than a year, the rate is 8%. (all percentages are ex VAT).

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